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Granite Countertops You Should Try

Do you ever wonder why most countertops are made of granite? High quality granite nowadays have A-One Solid Surfacing that gives your counter top a smooth and finely polished surface that stands out in your entire kitchen. Granite countertops also come in various colors for you to choose depending on the theme of your kitchen. Granite is also a very durable material and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance even though it can last for several years.

But what really is granite and what makes it better than all the other materials? Let’s take a look at what granite is to let u know why a lot of people are choosing this material over the other ones for their countertops.

The word granite comes from the Italian word “granito” which stands for grained as this material is a natural stone. Just like any other igneous rock, granite is a molten magma that has cooled down and hardened overtime under the surface of the earth. It has crystallized minerals like quartz, mica and feldspar which makes it a durable material to use. These minerals also contribute to granite’s unique patters as controlled by its temperature, concentration, pressure as well as the cooling down rate of these rock.

Talking about this material’s durability, it is the second hardest material next to diamond. This durable feature of granite is one of the reasons why a lot of people are converting their countertops with this material. Even stone fabricators can testify granite’s durability because they even use consistent-diamond blades to cut this material. You can also assure that you have the most durable countertop with granite because it is heat and water resistant and can withstand any strong conditions that may expose them to.

Cleaning granite countertops is also very easy as just a little soap and water will do the job. Maintenance is also not a problem with granite countertops because even if it gets small scratches, you can easily fix them with applying a penetrating seal. These sealers are also not that hard to find because you can easily buy them in hardware stores.

In buying granite, it is also very important to bear in mind that this material is very precious as it has been around for a long time. Having granite countertop is grand. And getting one for your kitchen countertop is a tough decision that needs to be planned out carefully.

Before installing granite countertops for your kitchen, it is important to take some advice from experts while you’re at it because there are also some other factors for you to consider that only these specialists can determine. Corian Solid Surfaces is one of the most trusted companies that offer granite countertops that are best for any kitchen so if you wish to know more about this material, go to a Corian branch in Utah and talk to one of our experts before getting your own granite material.